Nell’s House a Success

Opening Ceremony Feb 2005

What a way to finish the Rotary calendar year! Saturday morning, 26 June 2010, saw Greg in attendance with all his gear from 6.30am, shortly followed by Michael (and Josiah), Ian, Allan, Peter and myself. Around 7am the concrete arrived and from then until approx 12 noon it was full on, as regards hard work. We had taken on an enormous task and we would have been lost without the expertise of Greg. We all learnt more about concreting in those few hours than we had thought possible. We learnt about ‘creaming’, brooming, short floats, long floats, steel floats, how much to work or not work the concrete etc. It was a real eye-opener certainly for me and I must express our admiration at not only Greg’s skills but also for his strenuous efforts in keeping on top of the job. We completed a job of which we all can be proud. And I personally wish to express my gratitude to John and Greg who lead the project and to all who took part over the two weekends. This was part of our ogoing commitment to Nell’s House. More photos from the day’s efforts can be found on the Nell’s house project page.

Nell’s House is a transition accommodation home for families coming out of crisis accommodation. It is a project of the Sisters of The Good Samaritan. South Brisbane was first invited in 2003 to assist in renovating/refurbishing a house on the Southside of Brisbane – generously given to the Sisters by Queensland Rail.  President Elect Nell Charlton embraced the project as a major one for her 2003-04 year. Unfortunately, Nell died shortly into her presidential year and did not live to see the project’s completion February 2005. The home was named Nell’s House in her memory.

Joe Thompson

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