Donations in Kind

Brisbane headquarters

Brisbane headquarters


sc001af003Donations in Kind is a fabulous program by which Rotary receives hospital and school equipment, books and much more that is being upgraded within our schools and hospitals and then sends them by container to our near neighbours in PNG, the Solomons and other Pacific Islands.

In 2014 we anticipate loading our 700th container and a wonderful fundraising and celebratory night is under planning.

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  1. Savina Hodges, Ascot State School says:

    Hello. Ascot State School has been lucky enough to have some new Hall chairs delivered and we need to move our old ones. Bill from the Rotary Club of Southport was able to take quite a few but we have some left and he mentioned you may interested. Could you please contact me as soon as possible about these sets of chairs. Many thanks, Savina (Business Services Manager)

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