Donations in Kind

Brisbane headquarters

Brisbane headquarters


sc001af003Donations in Kind is a fabulous program by which Rotary receives hospital and school equipment, books and much more that is being upgraded within our schools and hospitals and then sends them by container to our near neighbours in PNG, the Solomons and other Pacific Islands.

In 2014 we anticipate loading our 700th container and a wonderful fundraising and celebratory night is under planning.

16 thoughts on “Donations in Kind

  1. Savina Hodges, Ascot State School

    Hello. Ascot State School has been lucky enough to have some new Hall chairs delivered and we need to move our old ones. Bill from the Rotary Club of Southport was able to take quite a few but we have some left and he mentioned you may interested. Could you please contact me as soon as possible about these sets of chairs. Many thanks, Savina (Business Services Manager)

  2. Maria Waterhouse

    Dr Athanasiov and Professor Outerbridge are a group of Orthopaedic Surgeons at the Greenslopes Private Hospital and would like to donate some old instruments to your cause. Could you please advise us how best to do this and where to send or drop off the donation (the size of a tissue box). We hope these instruments would be helpful and still have a much needed longer working life. I can be contacted on this email or otherwise ring the office on 07 33979983 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.
    Maria (Practice Manager)


  3. Todd Phillips

    Hi there

    We have a Doctors Surgery Closing in our centre and they have medical supplies and equipment to donate. Do any of the Rotary Clubs on the Gold Coast collect for you.
    Quite urgent as they have to be out of the premises today. 0434710336

  4. Maurice Cullen

    I am a prison chaplain at Woodford Correctional Centre. On Jan 23rd, an inmate from this prison is being deported to Solomon Islands. His luggage was delivered to me from Gatton, where he was working, and has been in my care for several months.
    His main items which can be taken on board his aircraft have been delivered to Immigration Dept. I have one canvas suit case containing clothing items weighing a little less that 6kgs. Is it possible to send this to Honiara in a Rotary container? Dr. Pat Naidoo recommended your service to me. Thanks, Maurice Cullen. Mob. 0412 131 152.

  5. Monroe

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  6. Odette Martin

    Hello, We are a small charity set up this year in Brisbane to send over donated items to an orphanage in Malawi. Can we talk about being able to collect some items from you or contacts in the shipping industry. looking forward to hearing from you

  7. Sophie Charlton

    Hello South Brisbane Rotary Club members,

    I am a West End resident who has recently been in Sri Lanka for a family holiday as well as to meet my World Vision sponsor child. When I was on the east coast of Sri Lanka visiting Dinoshaa I was fortunate to meet the Principal of the local Batticaloa Teachers’ College. We had an extended and heart felt chat in his office. Being a teacher I sincerely empathised with him and his cohort of preservice and practising teachers. I was very saddened by the state of the college’s seventy year old facilities. I felt extreme guilt when I compared them with my state of the art QUT Kelvin Grove surroundings. I asked My Yogarajah how I could help him and his team. He has asked for books!! Text books for his teachers as their small library has next to nothing. As soon as could after my chat with Mr Yogarajah, I sent a message to all my friends on Facebook requesting book donations. Lots of my teaching friends and their friends and colleagues are busy collecting books for me. I now need assistance in transporting them to Sri Lanka. Alas, as I read through your recent posts I have found your Donations by Kind re transporting books etc to our nearby neighbours. I wondered if you would be interested in assisting me with the safe delivery of my teacher text book collection? Perhaps there are teachers amongst your membership who have unwanted textbooks on child development, classroom management, behaviour management, literacy and numeracy teaching strategies. It would be wonderful if they too could add them to my collection. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with some members to discuss my book collection and delivery. I very much look forward to hearing from you soon and appreciate your time in reading my message. Kind regards, Sophie Charlton

  8. Lenore Smith

    I have over 100 Illiostomy bags & other items to donate & would appreciate a contact enabling the pass over of these items should they be needed. I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible as am due to enter hospital. Thankyou Lenore Smith .

  9. Ron Thorne

    We have accumulated some Medical equipment at Bowen Hills through donations , 3 wheelchairs ,4 walking frames (with wheels) and some Canadian Crutch’s .

    Cheers Ron
    Ron Thorne
    RED CROSS QLD Retail Warehouse Coordinator
    Mob 0409168017
    66 Montpelier Road, BOWEN HILLS QLD 4006 (Administration)

  10. Tracey Buchs

    Hi, we have some old computer key boards, printer etc, a friend told me you might be able to make use of them? Can you please tell me what to do. Many thanks Tracey Buchs

  11. Chuck

    Ooooh.. What a gorgeous Christmas Card!! Looooove it!!Thank you so much for joining us at Stclutaapmar Sunday Challenge last week.. Hope to see you again! Hugs from Tine

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  13. Reg Pierce

    I’d like to know if you have any way of getting approx. 2 pallets to Fiji, & 2 more to Bhutan. I’m the DIK chair for Rotary District 9650. If you can help, what is the procedure, & cost. Thank you. Reg Pierce PP. PHF Chair RAWCS D9650

  14. Peter Malden

    I am looking into the possibility of sending a partial container of :-
    3 x Pallets Elastoplast dressings
    14 x Pallets of boxes with various consumables. These are all in date so lots of validity still remaining). Items include dressings, syringes, hot/cold pack, scissors, spill kits, sutures, O2 tubing, tracheotomy tubes, emesis bags, blueys, haemolances, LMAs, swabs, dressing kits, o2 masks, BVMs, tongue depressors.
    5-6 x Pallets of green surgical linen (various sizes).

    All items have been donated to the people of FIJI via the Rotary Club of Taveuni Island.

    They are all located in Brisbane and need to go to SUVA and from there we can then have them transhipped to Taveuni Island and distributed to schools and hospitals

    Does this type of activity fit with your DIK Store?
    How would we work a part container?
    I can get Gibson Freight to send via their partial container system if we cannot
    work out how to use your DIK Store or it is too difficult with only a partial container.

    I work very closely with the Melbourne DIK but realise all stores are slightly different.


    Peter Malden 0417998082
    Past President Rotary Club of Boronia
    D9810 Victoria.

  15. Frank Eastaughffe

    We’ve used the DIK service in Melbourme previously to send a medical equipment donation to our partner hospital in Timor-Leste. I just noticed your site talks of Solomon Islands. We have a donation of endoscope “accessories” housed in Brisbane that we want to send to the endoscopy unit at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara. Are you still sending a container fairly regularly? Our donation would be between 1 and 2 cu metres I think.
    Regards, Frank

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